My first boards on Adventure Time!
A lot of my board sections on this episode got cut for time so I've included a lot of that on this page. I was still learning how to draw these characters so I think my drawings in this are weird but looking back it's still a lot of fun ^_^

Boarded as a team with Laura Knetzger, who brought in a ton of grounded, funny dialogue and big character development for y5

the very first scene in my section, bmo was supposed to be making a makeshift sheriff's office while y5 observes

swimming struggle rescue mission. this section was ridiculously hard for me to board so I'm happy it came out so coherent in the final

this confrontation with hugo was cut down a bit but a lot of it actually remained intact..! I had the most fun boarding this part, I love freaky villain reveals.

the ending sequence is maybe my second favorite.

i got to design young finn & jake :')