casper & nova

this episode is packed with a ton of fun stuff... I storyboarded some of the beginning & end in fionna's apartment, beth and shermy under the tree, and in particular i put a lot of effort into making the "game world" inside of casper & nova's story really fun & interesting, and it came out looking so great in the final!!!

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AT: Fionna & Cake - "Casper & Nova" (1) from iggycraig

fionna's apartment (part 1)

AT: Fionna & Cake - "Casper & Nova" (2) from iggycraig

shermy and beth, casper and nova!

...did you know I also voiced casper in the show?! fun fact!!!!!!!! it's my first official voice credit ever ^_^ I had fun and I'm proud of my funny voice!!!!

AT: Fionna & Cake - "Casper & Nova" (3) from iggycraig

fionna's apartment (part 2!)

i really like this drawing of simon in a trance with the crown. i did a lot of funky drawings in this part cause I spent all my time on the latter half of the sode... I think it works well though. one of the first times I felt really good about a sequence i drew this fast

I was so excited to draw shermy & beth!!!! I love them so much, I love thinking about what their world is like so far in the future... from what we see it's so changed but somehow it still feels the same.

I tried really hard to make casper & nova's sequence look like one of those old pc adventure point-and-click games-- Louie Zong did a great job animating this part and breathing life into it! I was proud of seeing how well the fake game UI looks in motion. I tried to come up with as many scenes as possible...

my final drawing in the series.... love when he's kind of a bad boy