prismo the wishmaster

prismo episode!!!! Prismo is one of my favorite characters so I was really excited about this one... I got to board the scarab fight scene in kheirosiphon's tea house, simon chugging beers, and unkempt prismo being exasperated. I also boarded a cute character-creator program sequence on prismo's laptop that didn't quite make it into the final but I've posted it on here for posterity.

Kheirosiphon fight scene- I think this is also the very first scene with Scarab! I have a concept drawing of him a bit further down the page. Jesse Balmer concepted him and also did a bunch of drawings for Kheirosiphon, who was really fun to draw fighting and whipping his arms around in this scene. I'm pretty proud of this as a short but tight fight sequence.. they're hard to draw!!

This section contains the cut "character designer program" sequence! I had a lot of fun with this, unfortunately it got cut for time. I tried to make up a fake drawing program interface that Prismo invented for himself, so it's kind of got menus and functions but it's more fluid. does prismo use ai or is that just him in the program generating the results.....

AT: Fionna & Cake - "Prismo the Wishmaster" (3) from iggycraig
An early design pass of the Scarab! I based this design off of some amazing concepts by Jesse Balmer, and then Adam and I took turns doing design passes until he was perfected! I'm pretty proud of how haughty and slick looking he turned out. This weird forward-first posture I thought of here would have been hard to keep consistent across all the boarders, but it was cool to try and think of ways to make him look insectlike and a little creepy.

I feel like... wow... I get to draw simon "wasted".... so I tried to do some really funny drawings. I had a lot of fun making Prismo interacting with everyone in this scene.... he's so much fun to draw and write