simon petrikov

"Simon Petrikov" was the first episode I boarded on Fionna & Cake! I was so blown away and humbled that I got to pair up with Graham Falk as my board partner. He was fantastic to work with and his boards are so, so funny! So basically, I tried really hard because I wanted to impress everyone...

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AT: Fionna & Cake - "Simon Petrikov" (1) from iggycraig

I loved boarding this awkward sequence between Dirt Beer Guy and Simon.... Finn appears in this part too!!!!! I got to design him and TV, and I also added Simon's silver fox stripe... it just felt right


AT: Fionna & Cake - "Simon Petrikov" (2) from iggycraig

All the forest backgrounds were really fun to draw! Jesse Balmer came up with some amazing creature designs for us to use. These flying snarling statue creatures at the beginning here and the giant mudskipper were both designed by him.

lots of opportunities this episode to draw simon doing stuff like this^

i got to design adult finn!! he's a couple years older here than he was in obsidian. I wanted him to bulk up and lean more into being a wild man. my instructions were that he is always showing off his jake tattoo (presumably so they can always hang out), so i opted for a big torn open collared shirt.. think it got changed to some sort of open tunic

went overboard coming up with different costume ideas for TV on account of, he's my favorite pup..... it doesn't fit the scene but my favorite is still the anti-hawk collar with safety cone hat. I also totally didn't know they were going to drop tamagotchi uni but I'm glad he's on the bandwagon

the incredible mudfish design by Jesse Balmer! I got a whole sheet of different mudfish designs to choose from. thank you a million Jesse for making this sequence so fun to draw

the kind of gruesome fish killing sequence! adam said make it more gruesome and that's not a problem for me so... I'm glad finn thanks it for its sacrifice at least.....