finn & jake are

this board was really hard to draw so I'm happy it came together so nicely in the end.. Adam did the initial concept for New Death and I nailed down the design so ND's kind of my little baby. It's also technically the only time I've boarded something with regular Finn & Jake?!

AT: Distant Lands "TOGETHER AGAIN" (1) from iggycraig
Finn arrives at New Death's castle, then busts his way into the throne room. Followed by part of his memories with his dad, Death. I had a lot of fun designing his shitty throne room..

AT: Distant Lands "TOGETHER AGAIN" (2) from iggycraig
Tiffany getting smacked around by New Death's minions was definitely one of my favorite jokes I boarded. Followed by the second part of Finn & Jake's confrontation with New Death..

AT: Distant Lands "TOGETHER AGAIN" (extra) from iggycraig
This is a scene that got cut/changed from the final, but I still think it's funny so I wanted to post it. When Finn visits different Deadworlds while searching for Jake, he visits Treetrunks and every one of her lovers in Deadworld 30. cause she's feeling flirty....

here's my first pass at New Death-- definitely had to take a moment to figure out how his snake arms braid together
Here's the second pass with Adam's notes-- notably he's skeletal and he has a huge scythe

✦✦✦ stills & sketches saved from the board ✦✦✦

Here's a small page of boards from the scene of Tiffany getting pummled.