please do not repost or redistribute my work without permission (except for review purposes).

here you can find examples of my animation work.
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✦ design portfolio

✦ most of my design work hasn't released yet-- for my complete portfolio please email me :-)

style studies using a character from my comic Sad Girl Space Lizard.

✦ storyboards (adventure time: distant lands)

✦click through each promo to see board samples/design process etc for each episode :-)

no promo from bmo yet but i still have a couple drawings of him :^)


✦ storyboards (ok k.o.: let's be heroes!)

(sorry-- most board sequences are gifs only. i cant bring myself to pay t00nb00m $60.00 just to access my files) !!!!!!!!!!!


✦ episodes without promos lol

let's get shadowy

let's fight to the end pt2


✦ promos w/o boards :-)

Veemon - Digimon