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please do not repost or redistribute my work without permission (except for review purposes).

here you can find examples of my animation work.
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character + prop design

✦ fionna + cake design portfolio CLICK HERE

✦ above link has examples of my design work, below is a couple of style emulations I did for practice-

style studies using the character "Left" from my comic Sad Girl Space Lizard.


✦storyboards (adventure time: fionna & cake)

✦click through each to see board samples for each sode :-)

✦✦✦ simon petrikov

✦✦✦ prismo the wishmaster

✦✦✦ the winter king

✦✦✦ the star

✦✦✦ casper & nova


✦ (adventure time: distant lands)

✦click through each promo to see board samples/design process etc for each episode :-)

✦✦✦ bmo

✦✦✦ together again

✦✦✦ obsidian


✦(ok k.o.: let's be heroes!)

(sorry-- most board sequences are gifs only... I want to add more to these later though, they're fun to look back on ^_^


✦ episodes without promos


✦ promos w/o boards :-)

I'm available for work-- email me!

killapede2 @ gmail dot com

Veemon - Digimon